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The general rules of this forum. You will be expected to have read them before applying and to comply with them at all times.
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General information, FAQ, suggestions box, and more can be found here.
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Site-wide and general Clan announcements can be found here. Leader and other high-ranking position applications will be posted here.
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jane posted in THE NINE CLANS Oct 7, 2016 20:57:50 GMT -5
Here you will find a list of all the Clan allegiances, a high rank history and more!
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character hub

Ryuko posted in Tigertalon of Duskclan|Complete! Aug 28, 2018 19:02:55 GMT -5
New character profiles are submitted under this board using the character profile template. Before you can start roleplaying your character must be approved! Check back often if you have not been accepted yet, you will be soon!
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Deleted posted in LITTLESTAR, LEADER May 18, 2016 8:57:15 GMT -5
Once accepted, your character's profile will be filed into its designated sub-board. High-ranking cats will be sticky-ed and at the top of each Clan's board.
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This is where organization skills and wants flourish! There is a place to keep track your characters' goings-on, as well as another for you and other members to plot with each other's characters. In addition, there is a separate area to post your user sub-plots.
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If you have NPCs that are related to your character and want them to be more than just an NPC, here is where you can set up an adoption thread!
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neutral lands

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The Island is a smooth, flat rock in the centre of a river that runs down into a waterfall. A collection of smaller rocks surround it, and provide easy access to the Island itself. The Island is located past CurrentClan territory. Once every moon, when the moon is at its fullest, cats from all Clans attend the Gathering.
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Deleted posted in THE ANCESTORS May 16, 2016 10:44:33 GMT -5
The Mist-Caves are a collection of tunnels that open out to a sacred pool. Travel up the StormClan-AmberClan border, past the Horseplace, and you'll find yourself there. The presence of StarClan is stronger here than anywhere else. Medicine cats and their apprentices of each Clan join here in peace to share dreams with their warrior ancestors every half-moon.
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beyond our borders

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The two-leg place is home to kitty-pets and their owners. It's an unsavory place where a cat can be expected to live life on a cushion, being fed dry, tasteless food, and being taken to the cutter. No clan cat is permitted to enter two-leg place under any circumstances.
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These lush green fields close to the reaches of two-legs are home to horses. Many loners and rogues come here to hunt but should be wary of any resident kitty-pets (they seem tougher than normal ones), as well as the large-hooved animals themselves.
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The sun-drown-place exists far beyond the clan territory. It is a place that consists of sandy shores stretching as far as the eye can see with a massive lake of water that swallows the sun each night. Travel past TwilightClan territory, beyond MountainClan, and you'll find yourself there.
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The mountains beyond MountainClan and TwilightClan territory have never been explored by clan cats. Rumour has it some cats have eked out lives in the harsh environment, although that remains yet to be seen...
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out of character

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This is a general discussion place for all the members here on WE. Remember, if you are discussing triggering or sensitive topics, please say so in the title/beginning of the first post. Several other boards are located here including intros, absences, games and more!

You should only post with your OOC account here.
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jane posted in PANTHERLILY, DEPUTY May 21, 2016 8:53:29 GMT -5
Once a thread comes to a close, it will be moved here. Inside, you will find a thread where you can alert staff that a thread has been finished or is just in need of retiring.
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Sothis posted in Fodlan Chronicles; Fire Emblem Based RP May 19, 2020 10:59:56 GMT -5
Interested in advertising or affiliating with Warrior's Edge? Click here and begin a thread. The sub-boards here are guest friendly!
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